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Your Emotions Literally Define Your Reality

You know that feeling – the one you get when you walk gingerly into a room of people and instantly that cheerful mood turns sour. You can feel it in the air – there’s tension. There’s no way to explain this in the physical sense. How can we feel there is something wrong and yet there is no physical manifestation of it? We just sense it. Scientists may have answered this question with three different studies. The ultimate conclusion is that we literally shape the reality around us.

In one study, light photons (a photon is basically a bundle of electromagnetic energy) were put in a vacuum and shown to act randomly. However, when a person’s DNA was put into the same vacuum as the light photons, they stopped acting randomly and took on the geometric form of the DNA that had been placed in the container.

In another study, a person had some of their DNA separated from them upwards of 50 miles. Then the person was subjected to different emotional stimuli. Not only did their DNA within loosen or constrict when subjected to different stimuli, but the DNA from 50 miles away simultaneously had the same response. Time nor distance affected the reaction.

So, if you couple the two studies together, your emotions affect your DNA, and your DNA affects the reality/energy around you (in the case of independent light photons),. This is how we, through our emotions, change the atmosphere around us according to these studies.

To learn more about all three studies, click here.

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