13th Floor interviewing CSM Tom Satterly of Delta Force, and Jen Satterly

CSM Tom Satterly is part of the most elite special forces unit in the world, Delta Force, depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down. His unit also is responsible for the capture of Saddam Huessein and openly struggles with post traumatic stress as a result. He has seen and experienced more than most can ever imagine. From the tales nightmares are made of to his triumphs, Satterly is candid about his life in this interview.

One of Satterly’s notable accomplishments and his first mission, the Battle of Mogadishu, is depicted in the movie, Black Hawk Down. Does he think the movie accurately depicted the real life battle? Keep reading to find out.

Tom and Jen Satterly

However, with those amazing feats, a price was paid. Tom talks to Jamie Hope and Rich Michaels about his open struggles with post traumatic stress (PTS) and how he and his wife, Jen Satterly, have turned that pain into purpose through their veterans foundation, All Secure. He describes what those post deployment struggles look and feel like, for those who may be living with someone that is suffering from it.

Tom Satterly’s Book

To hear straight from this American hero about his encounters of being surrounded by thousands of people trying to kill him, and the consequences of serving his country, watch the episode is below. You will not want to miss this episode. So, buckle up for this rare insight into this elite Tier one special forces unit.

After watching the episode, if you are interested in reading his book that will be released November 2019, you can visit here.

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