While I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, I never give them much weight unless there are verifiable facts. What I am about to share sounds like a far-fetched sci-fi fiction scenario, so pay attention to the facts and don’t quit reading if you find the first part mundane, because this article will get interesting.

 The Hadron Collider, also known as CERN is the largest machine man has ever made. It’s a whopping seventeen miles long and buried 574 feet beneath the earth’s surface (This is to keep radiation underground—enter environmentalists.) Construction began in 1998 with the help of over 10,000 scientists from over one hundred countries and it’s located on the border of France and Switzerland. It is the most aggressive spirit hunting, I mean, scientific experiment endeavored by the scientific community.

Stick with me through this part even if you don’t understand the technical explanation, it really doesn’t have much to do with this article. However, for background, the technical definition in a nutshell is, they are accelerating hundreds of millions of protons to just beneath the speed of light, then they are going to compress them to a human hair width and collide as many as 600,000,000 particles per second.

What does that mean to the average Joe? A lot, so don’t quit reading. Listen to Stephen Hawking’s warning on the project. According to renowned top physicist Hawking, he worried they could open a black hole that could destroy our universe should certain criteria be met. However, the scientists involved in the experiment have seemingly ignored his and others warnings.

Did I mention that it cost $13.25 Billion to create and run? But don’t worry, governments assist with paying for this venture. Wait, that means taxpayer dollars. So, you paid for part of it. But don’t worry, some of the money comes from private funds.

So why would these scientists band together to continue a dangerous experiment of this magnitude that costs so much money they could, I don’t know, feed and house a few people who are starving to death? Here’s where things get interesting, or weird, or perplexing, however you would like to categorize the information you are about to receive.

Let’s start with the fact that a very large statue of the Hindu god Shiva, the god of death and destruction, is displayed right outside the facility. How odd for a bunch of scientists who generally tend to be atheists. Why would they have any god, much less the one of death and destruction as their “mascot” for their potentially destructive experiment? Hang on, this gets better. On the plaque engraved below is the following dedication:

Omnipresent, the embodiment of all virtues, the creator of this cosmic universe, king of dancers, who dances the Ananda Tandava, in the Twilight, I salute thee.


Let’s go ahead a little further and add what the Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, Sergio Bertolucci said, “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.” In other words, they believe through this experiment they could open a door to another dimension, or a parallel unseen realm, and communicate with it.

One could dismiss this quote looking for another dimension as something “scientific,” however, look once again at the mascot. What does Ananda Tandava even mean? This is a dance, Shiva’s dance that many people do in Indian culture to unite with this “god.” It means the Dance of Bliss and symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction.

So why would atheist scientists spend billions of dollars to create an experiment with a god of destruction mascot, to the consternation of renown physicists who believe we could destroy our universe as a result, just to attempt to open portals and communicate with another world?

Physicists also believe there could be an atom of distance between us and a parallel realm. For lack of time to explain what scientists are realizing without wanting to outright divulge, is that there is another realm, possibly of a spiritual origin that exists that they are trying to prove. But how crazy would it be if they just outright said this from the beginning? Imagine saying, hey, we want to be Ghost Hunters, but really smart ones. So they call this a fancy experiment of trying to create the Higgs-Boson i.e. the God particle (a term which scientists hate) to see how the particle behaves. Really, they are still trying to figure out how that darn universe was created now that they realize based on evidence that it most likely wasn’t the result of a “bang.”

If you read the article, No Big Bang? Quantum Equation Predicts Universe Has No Beginning, hopefully you will laugh as I did at the lofty scientific explanation given for their conundrum. In layman’s terms, the Big Bang mathematically only makes sense after the bang. They can’t account for the origin of it. In other words, they still have no idea where the universe came from and say it could have been eternal. I wonder if it hurts to know reading the Bible would have cleared this up…in the first book—called Genesis—in other words—in the beginning.

But I digress. So we have 10,000 scientists paying homage to gods and looking for them in an alternate parallel unseen realm? Is this what they could really be doing?

 Perhaps before going any further they should really look at the scientific context of the Old Testament and the Tower of Babel. Do people really think God separated people because they built a tower so high it would reach heaven (I mean at some point you pass out from lack of oxygen right?) What would that say of the intellect of God? Many scholars now believe they were building a tower that was capable of piercing the veil between our realm and the realm of the unseen, because they knew Babylon was an area where a portal of some sort was located.

It sounds nutty? Nutty like a seventeen mile long, $13 billion apparatus that is attempting to open a doorway to an unknown realm? Nutty like the phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle? Or how we still cannot manage to figure out how those pyramids, which are perfectly aligned astrologically were built even with all of our technology?

Did I forget to mention that the decided location of the operation was in a town where the god Apollo’s Temple was built and it was believed there was also a portal to the underworld in this location? But I am sure these Shiva loving, realm seeking atheist geniuses had no idea.

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Perhaps those scientists aren’t so godless after all. Perhaps they will find what they are looking for, but most likely they won’t like what they find.