Former Mobster Who Lived To Tell – The 13th Floor

Former mobster Kenji Gallow

On my new show, The 13th Floor, with myself and award-winning radio show host, Rich Michaels, we interview former mobster, Kenji Gallo – and you’re not going to want to miss it!

Kenji grew up in an affluent area in California but his reign of terror began at an early age. However, after going to military school, he says he just learned how to become a smart criminal. Drug cartels, pornography business, and mafia ties – Kenji saw it all! But after tiring of the criminal life, and realizing the only way out was death or prison, he plotted a harrowing escape and surprisingly learned to tell about it.

Listen to him as he tells about his life in crime and how he was able to leave it behind and live a normal Midwest life today.

Former mobster Kenji Gallow

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