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L.A. Marzulli has traveled to numerous countries and obtained scientific discoveries and evidence that are turning the narrative history we’ve been told, on its head. From who was really in America first, to disrupting the Darwinian lie, whistleblowers are being suppressed and evidence is being hidden at the highest levels. Giant bones, ancient inscriptions thousands of years old from Celtic, Phoenician and Libyan writings in America, sites with advanced mathematical and astrological feats, and more. This is a must watch and something everyone should stand up and demand answers for. It is time to demand the real truth and why they have been hiding it.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan discussing her social distancing order, while not social distancing in this photo

As a citizen of the State of Michigan, I am personally witnessing one of the most egregious and inept handlings of the COVID19 outbreak in this nation. There are several issues that Governor Gretchen Whitmer should be held accountable and investigated for: Violation of constitutional rights, not following federal guidelines for what is deemed essential, her draconian edicts and punishments for those who violate her executive order even though she has violated them, and her possible outright lies when alleging President Trump told medical suppliers not to deliver life-saving necessities to Michigan. The only thing that will be worse than the above mentioned, is if the Michigan State Legislature and federal officials do nothing about it.

Caveat: I want to make this clear for those who will inevitably look for a reason to discredit me – yes COVID19 is serious, yes it has killed people (Though numbers are admittedly over-inflated,) and I have done my part to “flatten the curve,” and stay home as much as possible. That’s not what this is about. This is about having the most restrictions in the nation, ones that don’t make sense like, a person can kayak in Michigan, but cannot use a motorized boat. I digress.

Gov. Whitmer at a care facility that was not necessary for her to be at. It did not save lives for her to be there.

Gov. Whitmer just had a complaint filed against her in her own county and to the Attorney General of Michigan for violating her own executive order. On April 9th, 2020 the governor not only extended her orders to “Stay Home Stay Safe” until the legislatively approved date of April 30th, but she also added draconian “edicts” tightening the noose on families already struggling to survive. Brandon Hall of West Michigan Politics in his blog discusses the complaints he filed because Whitmer has been doing photo-ops etc. during her own lockdown, because she is in contention for Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential nominee for the President of the United States. Hall called her out for, among other things, doing a Politico fluff piece in her office with staff, and they even had at least a cameraman there. This is not an essential life saving exception and according to Hall, violated section 5(b) and 10(c) of her own Executive Order 2020-42. To see her other violations, read the article noted above. Citizens have literally been ticketed $1,000 for buying things like mulch according to social media posts, but she can gather people at the Capital for a national article about why she should be a responsible choice for the VP nominee – how ironic. 

Another reason she should be held accountable is that she is in gross violation of our  constitutional rights. Nowhere in The U.S. Constitution does it say rights can be violated via executive order if there’s a pandemic. While reasonable measures should be taken to ensure as many lives as possible are saved, Whitmer’s executive order is excessive to say the least. For example, people who have two residences in the State of Michigan are not allowed to visit between both. You are required to pay property taxes, potentially a house payment etc. but you cannot visit your other residence. What if a resident needs to check on it to make sure there are no burst pipes etc.? She also just told burglars the owners won’t be showing up anytime soon. There were no exceptions made to account for examples like this. A man that was praying and peacefully protesting outside of a Michigan abortion clinic and was ticketed. Once he sued, she backed off and said one can assemble if they are expressing First Amendment rights while social distancing.

Another mind-blowing example is that groceries, alcohol, marijuana, and lottery tickets are deemed as essential goods she will “allow” citizens to purchase. Missing from her list are those which are listed in the Second Amendment i.e. ammunition and firearms. Although the federal government has listed them as essential goods, according to the NRA, she used an old list and excluded them. Gov. Whitmer is even prohibiting the advertisement of non-essential goods. Yes, we are being told what we can and can’t buy in Michigan. Which begs the question, who is she to unilaterally and apparently arbitrarily determine what is essential?  Is her shirt below that was specifically made to pick a fight with Trump an essential purchase?

Gov. Whitmer wearing a ‘That Woman From Michigan’ t-shirt. During an emergency someone had it made and she took the time to stoke the fire between her and President Trump.

What about the alcoholic who is required to stay home and needs a home project to keep busy from wanting to drink? Or that person struggling with depression or suicide who needs to be able to garden to keep their mind off darker things? While she can get dolled-up for her own personal political gain, there are people struggling to just stay sober and not hurt themselves. Not a good look Governor Whitmer.

The third and probably one of the most egregious allegations she has made is that because of her initiated feud against Trump, she said that he told medical suppliers not to supply Michigan with life saving equipment/medication. She literally just made an allegation that Trump wanted to potentially contribute to the loss of life maliciously because of her. This is something that the federal government and the State of Michigan should quickly and thoroughly investigate. If she is lying, she needs to have major consequences. That is slander if true.  Michigan State Representatives Annette Glen and Mary Whiteford sent her a letter asking her to name the suppliers that told her this. According to the letter, she refuses to respond. She should be put under oath and forced to testify to this “fact.” In no way should this incident be brushed under the rug. 

Governor Whitmer has shown repeatedly that she has mismanaged Michigan, even failing to “fix the damn roads” as she campaigned. She, along with previous administrations, were not prepared for COVID19, even though they tell Michigan citizens to be prepared for a “just in case scenario.” And even though it is primarily the state’s responsibility, because she didn’t do her job, she laid blame right at Trump’s feet even though the federal government is supposed to provide supplemental support, not be the main provider of care. Because she dropped the ball, she is now over-compensating and using totalitarian/dictatorial approaches to remedy the situation. All we can do is plead to the legislature to put a stop to this madness and allow Michiganders to do what is best for their families in their own homes. 

Jamie A. Hope is an author, screenwriter, and national contributor. Please subscribe to her site for updates and subscribe to her YouTube show, Signed Sealed Delivered.

Kenji Gallo, Author of Breakshot

You’ve never met anyone like Kenji Gallo. He is an Asian – American who led an astonishing life of crime working with the most notorious names in drug cartels, and for years working with the Columbo Crime Family – and in this interview he tells all.

In the interview below, Kenji talks about his wild ride on the dark side and how he was able to leave it and start a new life. Stay tuned to hear his unbelievable story and read his book, Breakshot for more detailed accounts.

Kenji’s interview, here:

Former Mobster, Kenji Gallo
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Managing Editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential, Tom Gantert, has researched media bias for over 10 years. As a journalist working in the field, he shares his judicious educated insight into whether the media is truly bias, and what should or should not be considered quotable news media. We delve into the ethics and methods of news sources and our responsibility as consumers of news to truly fact check, and how.

Watch the YouTube video below and subscribe to Signed Sealed and Delivered. Thank you!

Managing Editor, MI Capitol Confidential Tom Gantert and Host Jamie A. Hope

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performing at the Super Bowl half time show

We see them daily, and chances are you could even be one of them. You know who they are – those who act as if they’re legal experts, economists, international diplomats, and theological scholars who jump on the social media comments sections of the news and in all their “intellect” lack the ability to differentiate between their opinion and fact. They incessantly babble about their virtue and the evils of the opposition. It’d be funny if it weren’t ruining our country. One of the biggest bottom-line factors in the decay of our society are modern opinions.

There’s no humility when sharing opinions anymore. There’s no disagreeing on the issue while having regard or respect for those opposing it. You know who you are – if a person doesn’t agree with your stance, you take it as personal rejection and respond like a petulant two-year-old with the standard played out rhetoric and attempt at manipulation, “You are hateful because you disagree with my values.” For those of you using this tired diatribe, it’s sad and played out – just stop.  In my humble opinion, it is an infantile response to what you view as a form of rejection.

JLo’s performance entrance

My Granddad wasn’t a rich man monetarily, but he is probably the most respected man I ever met. When he died, we had major corporation business owners fly in for a couple hours just for his funeral. Men who shed tears at my Granddad’s casket because of the love and respect they had for him.

They didn’t respect him because he was a loud mouthed pontificating virtue signaling legal and theology expert. It was because he only spoke when his words had value. He put his nose to the grindstone and did what he said he would do. He didn’t talk about how knowledgeable he was, he didn’t diss the baking scientists who couldn’t with formal training fix a product – he just fixed it. He wouldn’t go on the internet and tell everyone they’re stupid and moronic while puffing out his chest – like we see daily now. Everyone has to be the smartest person in the room and don’t realize because of this, they are in fact the most foolish – in my humble opinion.

Everyone rushes to their computers and a steady stream of, “Moron, racist, sexist, bigot, libtard, low IQ sheep” insults fill up our social media. Most of our grandparents would be rolling in their graves – from both sides. But the issue isn’t opinions – it’s not the people who state, “In my opinion,” or “How I personally feel.” It’s the people with an inability to differentiate between opinion and fact. The Super Bowl half time show with JLo and Shakira is a prime example. Here are modern  character assassinations dressed as opinions in regards to the show:

  • According to HipLatina – Dear White People: The Super Bowl Halftime Show Wasn’t Too Sexy, You’re Just Racist
  • They are glorified strippers, and people who like it are just evil
  • They have no talent so they just get naked and dance
  • They were beautiful, and you’re just sexist
  • The show wasn’t bad, you are just culturally ignorant

Here are actual facts about the performance:

  • Shakira and JLo performed
  • Some of what they did highlighted their culture
  • JLo danced on a stripper pole and when she came out she was in the same pose as Jesus on the cross while people bowed to her.
  • JLo grabbed her crotch.
  • JLo’s daughter performed
  • JLO wore something with a Puerto Rican flag on it
JLo performing

Do you see the problem with these opinions? They are stated with emphasis and regarded as fact in the minds of those who shared or accepted them – and anyone who disagrees is stupid and hateful . I am not saying we cannot have opinions. I am saying your opinion might gasp! Be wrong and the issue is nobody engaging in this behavior will admit it. The reason people go off the walls when someone rejects their opinion is because they take it as personal rejection.

Four things happen when you state your opinion as a fact and push others down by potentially falsely attributing poor character to them, when they disagree with you:

  1. You reflect poor character. It’s not a reflection on the intended targets character, it is a definite reflection of yours. To write an article or comment where you brand a whole population of people as racist for not liking the half time show, or as morally bankrupt for liking it, is in my opinion, lazy and showing the same prejudice you just attributed to them.
  2. People won’t trust you. They won’t trust your character, judgment, and ability to accurately assess a situation. When my Granddad spoke, people listened because he was careful with what he said. When people run off at the mouth, throwing out every poor attribution that pops in their head because of the way a person made them “feel,” is dishonest at best. Your feelings are not facts and your opinion isn’t even worth 2 cents when you act this way.
  3. You demean the real victims and become white noise. I am sure we’ve all heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. And as I always say, “When everyone’s racist, nobody is racist.” You demean the real victims of racism, sexism etc. Just like the #metoo movement. Every time a woman was looked at the wrong way, she jumped on the #metoo bandwagon with her story of victimhood. And let’s not forget the people like Julie Swetnick and many others who were caught lying about rape. Racism and sexual assault are serious charges. But now, nobody listens. Calling someone a racist because you don’t like their conservative view for example, denigrates the real cases of it. “Uh huh, yeah, sure, they’re a racist just like you say I am,” insert eye roll. You are collectively ruining real victims of sexual assault and racism case when you flood the public with everything is racist rhetoric and sexist rhetoric. You are part of the problem!
  4. You will lose respect and look stupid. If people see you running off at the mouth and just throwing out whatever ‘ism’ suits your victimhood for the day, the last thing you’ll have is people’s respect. You have made up your mind that your opinion is a fact and that is low-IQ functioning. Because you don’t understand and or agree with it, it’s an enemy to be destroyed. It takes very little intellect, analysis, and research to throw out careless slander that will cause people to look at you as foolish at best.
  5. People will regard you as someone who has low self-esteem. Clearly, you don’t engage others to humbly state your opinion, listen, and maybe learn something – you do it to push others down to elevate yourself. I tell my kids and friends this all the time: If you resort to name calling, impugning another’s character, and attempt to insult the opposition’s intelligence, clearly you are the one with bad character and a lack of intelligence. You are pushing others down because you have the inability to elevate yourself. Instead of disagreeing on the issue, you have to kick the chair out from underneath another person to climb to the next level.

If this is you, don’t complain with society collapses and devolves. If you want to be regarded as someone with intellectual capacity and good character worthy of trust, next time you share an opinion, realize it is just that and it’s okay for others to disagree. Accepting that not everyone likes your views is the sign of wisdom and self-esteem. Something that unfortunately is all too rare these days.