The most dangerous realities are the ones we don’t see…

What if secret world powers controlled governments, media, global economies, and they conspired to hide an ancient book foretelling the end of modern civilization? What if today’s society is the final chapter of that book, and those veiled world powers would do anything to hide their plan?

Enter a hybrid force who are tinkering with God’s original design for the human race, and the scientists of this clandestine group genetically engineer a new race, to make mankind obsolete in the next fifty years. In their brave new world, God’s redemption of humanity would be lost and they gain control of the world.

High school all-star Salem Stone lives a charmed teenage life until he is physically attacked by dark entities, and his life begins to unravel. Salem, his friends, and childhood love Sarah are at the center of a multi-dimensional cosmic chess match between good and evil, and almost everyone he loves knows it—except him.

Once oblivious to the supernatural, Salem now has to contend with a force he is unprepared to fight.



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person mist



lighthouseA riveting read, I stayed up into the night/morning to uncover the myriad of mysteries and questions with which Jamie A. Hope entices her readers. A real page turner.   – Christopher Shawn Shaw, Award-Winning Filmmaker




church mist

This book is very unique and edgy compared to most of the fiction I read. It encompasses the supernatural qualities of good and evil, science and romance, fear and courage all in one exciting and redemptive story. – Sophia




DCThis book has everything I could have looked for! It is edgy and has just enough action to keep me on my toes – Becca