You are here, because you need help. You have a message or story that you want to communicate, but don’t know how to do it. Jamie Hope does. She assists with:

  • Screenplays
  • Novels
  • Public Relations
  • Publications
  • Copy Editing

Jamie was a national contributor for top online magazines, Human Events and American Thinker. She has written a novel, screenplays in multiple genres, and hired as a script consultant. She worked as a travel producer for Voice of America’s travel show, Around and Across America, and assisted on movie sets. Jamie also enjoys public relations and growing brands through quality content.

Jamie Hope’s novel, Illusion

Unlike many ‘for hire’ writers, she does not employ a, ‘one size fits all’ fee for your work. She believes every original work is just that – and treats each project as if it were her own.

Jamie Hope was a travel producer for VOA’s travel show

If you’d like to discuss working with Jamie on a project, you can connect with her at jamieannhope@gmail.com or at Linkedin.

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