Show host Jamie Hope on her show, The 13th Floor


Jamie A. Hope is a writer and show host of the YouTube show, The 13th Floor. Her story telling career began in 4th grade when she decided to write a twenty-two page story for a class assignment. However, she brushed aside creating other worlds for practicality in her early adult years. She graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2000 and became a slave (maybe a menace as well) to society.

She briefly owned a business with her husband and after a stint in the Michigan Legislature as chief of staff for a representative, she rediscovered her passion for writing. Motivated by a desire to get her ten-year-old interested in reading, Hope wrote a novel. She released her book, Illusion in 2013 (He never read it, but many others did.)

Current Work

Hope is now a screenwriter. Her screenplays have received great reviews from industry professionals (producers, directors, and actors.) Currently, two of her movies are under consideration by reputable production companies. She is also a national contributor for top online magazines, and was a travel/casting producer. She worked on Voice of America’s international travel show, Across and Around America. Hope has other projects from public relations to script editing in the hopper.

Hope’s incessant curiosity and “yuge!” appetite for the strange is why she jumped at the opportunity to work with award-winning radio show host, Rich Michaels. Their new show, The 13th Floor, filled with the strange, mysterious and inspirational, is her new passion project.

Writer Jamie Hope and Dean Cain on the set of Faith Under Fire

Jamie assisted with several film projects including Faith Under Fire with Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain. You can view her other movie projects, here.

If you are interested in hiring Jamie A. Hope to assist with your film project, public relations etc., or would like to book her for public speaking, contact her at jamieannhope@gmail.com

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