About Jamie

Jamie A. Hope is a screenwriter, producer, author, national contributor, and if you talk to her friends and family – someone who borders on dissociative reality enjoyments (professionals call it a disorder, but I quite enjoy disengaging from reality.)  She blames society – have you seen it out there? People are nuts!

 While she generally stays cooped up in the woods with her family, she manages to pound out screenplays like Peace at HomeFar From Home, Echo Chambers and Skies the Limit, which have garnered the attention of successful Hollywood producers and directors (now if only the funding will come through.) When she isn’t writing, she enjoys critiquing and polishing others script’s.  In a rare jaunt out of the woods, she even assisted with and had a small role in Faith Under Fire with Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbor!

As a national contributor, Jamie has written for top online national magazines on fiction, no wait, it was politics and public policy – they are so easily confused with fiction these days. While she enjoys discussing public policy and politics, she’s realized people are crazy and will brand a person’s complete identity, decency, and intellect based on their political beliefs, so no, she won’t share who she has written for – but the articles did receive a lot of attention, so if you want to try and sleuth your way through the internet to find out, go for it! Just don’t hate me if you disagree with her. Seriously, she’s a pretty okay person to be around.

Hope is also former chief of staff for a Michigan legislator and former ensign with the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Jamie thoroughly enjoyed her work at the legislature until it turned midnight and everyone became pumpkins. Seeing the shoe no longer fit, she hightailed it out of town and retreated to the woods where her insatiable fascination for  delving into the obscure and weird happenings of this world became her passion (seriously, you have to see what’s out there – truth is much stranger than fiction.)

When Jamie isn’t in the deep recesses of her mind or trying to dig into others, she is hanging in the real world with her husband and children—quading, engaging in outdoor survival activities—and with winter seemingly the dominant season where she lives—indoor survival.


AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM – Jamie Hope discusses the challenges of making quality and realistic faith-based films.


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To contact her for interviews, speaking engagements or book signings, you can reach her through email at jamieannhope@gmail.com.