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What if I told you the most dangerous realities are the ones you don’t see? Ever been blindsided by something not on your radar that throws you into instant panic, and you’re not able to comprehend how to even begin to deal with it?

Welcome to Salem Stone’s world.

Imagine suddenly seeing things others don’t, and being able to do things others can’t. But if you tell anyone, you know what happens – you are now and forever branded crazy. Yet, you know the lives of everyone you love are now in danger. Tell them and risk being psychiatrically evaluated – and worse yet – not believed. Or don’t and risk their lives. What would you do?

Follow Salem as he enters a bizarre world where the supernatural and conspiracy theories align – a world few would believe  – yet many claim exists. A world where there is a cosmic chess match being played and the world is at war – but only a few know it.

Truth? Fiction? Faction? You decide. To read more about Illusion, click here.