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Remember the Dr. Seuss book, ‘The Sneetches’, where in a town there were two kinds of Sneetches, ones that had a green star on their bellies and ones that did not? The Sneetches with the green stars thought they were special and therefore would discriminate and shun those that did not. A man named Mr. McBean came to town offering the Sneetches without a star, a machine that for a few dollars would put a star on their bellies too so they can be like the other popular Sneetches and no longer shunned. When the ones with stars realized the ones they shunned now were just like them, they paid the man to go through his removal machine and have their stars taken off so they could once again be special. This of course resulted in confusion as to who was a true Sneetch. All the while by the time the Sneetches realized what had been done and that nothing had changed, Mr. McBean left town a rich man.

The Sneetches today, in our world, represent Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals, or whatever labels we have stuck to one another. The problem with our country is that when one party is in power, for example the Republicans, they wear the green star on their bellies. I am not referring to our leaders by the way—we will get to them in a minute. I am referring to the non-elected general population. The Republicans shun the ideals of the Democrats; say they are evil and destroying our country. Then something happens, the power shifts and the Democrats now have the green star on their bellies. They argue in the public square, defriend each other on Facebook, call each other names like sneetchbaggers and type hateful comments on online articles never having met one another. They just identify themselves by which Sneetch they are, never bothering to get to know the other Sneetch. I would bet those Sneetches would actually have a lot in common other than having stars or not having stars.

The problem is while the Sneetches (in case you didn’t get it, American’s) are taking turns wearing the green star (believe they now have the power) and fighting one another, they are forgetting about the one causing the mayhem—Mr. McBean (those in government and running our economy), and guess what? Mr. McBean doesn’t care if you are wearing a green star or not because he is the one causing the mayhem. He is causing the mayhem because as long as he can keep the Sneetches arguing, and funding his machine, he will continue to take all of their money, power, and freedom.

He doesn’t just take money from the ones with the stars or the ones without, he takes it from all Sneetches no doubt. When he leaves town a rich man all of the Sneetches confused they realize they feel bad for their brother Sneetch they refused. For although they were all Sneetches they allowed the government to take away, all their money and rights in one day. Mr. McBean made them fools and his profit was great. For he made it out of town before it was too late. Mr. McBean left their country completely destroyed and with nothing, now the sneetches didn’t care about a star they just wished they had something.

Let’s not be sneetches America.