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I have always wanted to peer into the spirit realm. Just a glimpse is what I pray for. Not that it has any bearing on my faith. I just want to see what exactly is going there? I will never pray that prayer again after Howard Storm told me definitively it is not something I want to see. He knows, he has seen it more than once.

Howard Storm has been on many television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show, 48 hours, Discovery Channel, NBC’s Today Show and Joni Lamb discussing his experience in hell and with Jesus while on a trip to Europe with the students he taught as a college professor at the University of Kentucky. Howard was a self described hedonist. In his early years he went to California to experience the ‘culture shift’ which included atheism, sex, drugs and alcohol. He confessed that he not only didn’t believe in God but that he was hostile toward Him. He even went as far as to target students of faith to get them to turn on their beliefs. He says he and other professors would brag about how many students they had gotten to lose their faith. But dying in a hospital room in Europe instantly changed his heart and mind.

As he described on Joni Lamb, “When I left my body I didn’t understand what was happening since I didn’t believe in life after death. All I knew was that thing in the bed was not me anymore. I was more alive than I ever felt.” He tried to talk to his wife and his roommate but they didn’t hear him. “I heard voices from another room calling my name and they were saying hurry up let’s go. So I went to the doorway of the room and the voices were off in the shadowy hallway where I couldn’t see them.” When he refused to go any further with them they dragged him to his new destination…hell.

It was clear during his interviews that after thirty years he still has a hard time talking about what happened to him in hell. But his countenance lifts when he describes the moment he saw Jesus. And that is where our phone conversation begins.

Jamie Hope: Did you know when He came to you in hell that He was Jesus?

Mr. Storm: Yes, but it was because of his love. Not because of his appearance. He knew everything about me completely. He is the most remarkable person there is in the universe.

Jamie Hope: Have you ever wondered why God chose you out of all the atheists in the world to have this experience?

Mr. Storm: I wonder about it a lot. I think there are several possible reasons. One reason is a nun whom I met in 1972 when I first started teaching at the university. I told her I was an atheist. She started praying for me every day and a convent of nuns were praying for me every day for years. Another possible reason is when I was twelve I went to church and told a minister I wanted to be baptized. Jesus doesn’t like to lose one of his own.

Jamie Hope: It is awesome to talk to someone who has literally been face to face with Jesus.

Howard Storm: He’s with us always. He is with you now just as much as He was with me in heaven. When He was sending me back here I didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay with Him. He said I was never away from you I was always there even when you rejected me.

Jamie Hope: I have always prayed for God to show me the spirit world. I want to get a glimpse of what is really happening.

Howard Storm: You don’t want to see it. You really don’t because it is way too much information. I have prayed to God that I don’t want to see this stuff anymore. You don’t want to get caught up in that. Overall, we need to be in touch with the people here. There are people in this world that need us. They need us to be present in the here and now. To quote mother Teresa, “If you want to see God look into the smile of a child.” When you look into the beauty and light and love of a child’s face you can see God.

Jamie Hope: When you met with Jesus did you ask Him questions or did He just tell you what He thought you needed to know?

Howard Storm: Everything we discussed it was because I asked a question. One of the most wonderful answers He gave me was when I asked Him which is the best religion? I was thinking Catholic, Presbyterian, and Protestant etc. His answer was, “The best religion is the one that brings you closest to God,” he was referring to how I meant it. And I said which one brings you closest? He said, “There are good people in bad religions and bad people in good religion. It is not about the religion it is about your relationship with God.” My opinion of how God sees our different denominations is, the Bible says one faith, one God, one baptism. God sees one church of believers in Jesus Christ and they are not judged by what their church necessarily teaches them but how they love God and how they love their neighbor.

Jamie Hope: I saw in your other interviews that God talked about the future of the United States. You say in American history we had things called the great awakening and that we are near a great awakening in America that will either wake us up or the slate will be wiped clean. That our population will greatly decrease from over one hundred million to tens of thousands. How soon do you think this great awakening could happen? Months, years, decades?

Howard Storm: God wants an awakening in this country. God doesn’t make us do anything and if we don’t turn we are going to fall. It is going to crash. The time is now. The pilgrims despite what the textbooks teach they came here to practice their faith. They risked their lives and died trying to establish a settlement, which meant crazy things like studying the Bible.

Jamie Hope: Did you get a sense of urgency?

Mr. Storm: I do think there is a sense of urgency. I think there is a huge change needed in the way we behave. God is going to have this world change one way or another.

Jamie Hope: You talk about the future of the world in your interviews. You said Jesus showed you a future where people will be able to grow plants on the spot and there is no disease because people could heal immediately. Is this after the return of Christ to live on earth for the thousand year reign?

Mr. Storm: First of all I don’t know when Christ is going to return, but the world that he showed me was so remarkably different that something dramatic had happened.

Jamie Hope: Jesus told you there are other worlds with beings in them and that they never accepted evil and they are perfect in nature. It is mind boggling to think of that. So God created other beings like us on other planets but their stories are different?

Mr. Storm: Yes. They know Jesus and they know God; and much better than we do.

Jamie Hope: Was there any indication we were close enough to contact them?

Howard Storm: This world is a real low class world. In the future we will be connected to other things but we are quarantined right now because we are so evil.

Jamie Hope: How many populated worlds are there?

Howard Storm: There are a lot I think. He said the universe is full of life.

Jamie Hope: Did they look like us?

Mr. Storm: Jesus showed me an image of them. They started out looking like us but then began to change into something that looked strange. I can only describe them as what you might think of as deep sea creatures, some with antennas. It was too much for me so I asked Him not to show me anymore.

Jamie Hope: In the Bible it says that Satan was cast down to earth. Do you think that is why we have to contend more with evil? Do you think Satan attempts to infiltrate the other worlds that are good?

Mr. Storm: Satan has no power except what we give him. The fact that he is powerful in this world is our choice. I don’t know the answer but I don’t think he would stand a chance at those other places.

Jamie Hope: Do you believe the UFO’s are what people have described them to be, just from another world or are they really demonic in nature?

Mr. Storm: I asked Jesus about UFOs and He said we should avoid them because they are up to no good. They are not space travelers, they’re dimension travelers. Demons are not vapors or a mist they are real actual beings. They operate on a different vibratory state then we do. So that to most of us most of the time they are not physical. The electromagnetic spectrum, we can see one tiny sliver. Our eyes are capable of seeing 3 different wave lengths. But we have developed machines that can detect other wave lengths we cannot see, gamma and ultraviolet for example. We could be exposed to a dose of radiation that we can’t see and die from it. There is a whole world of beings we can’t see and hear most of the time and they are toxic.

Jamie Hope: Have you had anymore encounters with angels or demons since your experience in heaven and hell?

Mr. Storm: They’ve (demons) made themselves known to me. They’ve been around. I try to keep myself filled with Jesus. Yes, angels have also manifested.

Jamie Hope: What do you say to the critics and unbelievers who think you were just dreaming or may label you as crazy?

Mr. Storm: What I learned is that I can’t convince people that don’t want to believe in God or don’t want to believe in my experience. Sometimes they try to say it was because of the drugs they gave me in the hospital. I begged for drugs and they didn’t give me any. They don’t want to hear it and they won’t hear it. Faith really comes from God. People that don’t know what they are talking about try to tell people what the truth is. People say Jesus never existed. That is a dumb remark. There is more evidence that Jesus existed than Julius Caesar but nobody questions the existence of Julius Caesar.

Jamie Hope: You were on Oprah. How did hearing your story affect her?

Howard Storm: First let me say she is very kind. She is a lovely person but I sensed she was troubled. I don’t think she wants to believe there is a hell. She was skeptical. I was hoping she was going to be more receptive then she was.

Jamie Hope: One of the things that struck me the most besides going to hell and heaven is that you said you and other professors actually would target students of faith to get them to no longer believe. How many professors around America do you think have this mentality and actually try to get students to lose their faith?

Mr. Storm: I can’t answer that scientifically. I did discover Christian professors after being saved. They stay quiet because they won’t be successful if they speak about it.

Jamie Hope: What would you tell parents or people going off to college about this problem of professors targeting students of faith?

Mr. Storm: Parents should tell them they are going to meet different professors with different points of view then their own and they may be completely hostile to Christianity. They (the professors) are not stupid; they are not going to say I hate Christianity. It will be argued against in a more sophisticated way. In some sense it is good to be exposed to it. If they have any sense of Christian apologetics they may thrive but it is hard to take on a professor. Encourage the student to join Christian organizations.

Jamie Hope: What made you decide to no longer be a professor?

Mr. Storm: It was a difficult decision because I loved teaching art and I loved the students, but I felt church was a place where truth was taught. I felt, unfortunately at the time, since I was told not to talk about religion from the Dean that I was stifled. You are involved more directly with the students with art. Students were having spiritual struggles and the only time I could talk to them was outside class.

As we ended the conversation I thought about Howard Storm’s life. It is clear that he is extremely intelligent and that is reflected in his academic achievements from attending the University of California Berkley to being a professor and chair of the art department at the University of Kentucky. He described himself to me before his experience as aggressive and self centered. He only cared about maximizing his pleasure in life including with women. It was hard for me to think of this kind and humble man as anything but just that. But his message now is clear and simple. He went to hell, he went to heaven, and he wants to reach as many people as he can about the truth of the love of Christ.

Author Anne Rice saw Howard Storm’s story years ago. She was compelled to help him find a publisher for his book and wrote the Foreword for it. To read more about Howard Storm’s experience you can purchase his book, ‘My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance At Life.’